We at CaraSure are very proud of our CaraCARE Call Centre. Over the past 18 years they have assisted thousands of stranded caravaners. The CaraCARE Call Centre have received many accolades over this period for the exemplary levels of service they displayed. In all cases, the Call Centre will contact the Management of CaraSure (24/7) when a call is lodged to keep us informed and if necessary, we will intervene with complicated cases.

Why the CaraSure CaraCARE Benefit?


The most common calls are wheels coming off. Interestingly always the left one. We are forever warning clients to tighten wheel nuts (every 200km). When you stop to have a break, walk around the caravan, feel the rims. If they are hot, there could be a problem with your wheel bearings. We have had cases of Accidents, Keys locked inside the caravan, Wheels coming off, Pop-up roof flying off and a number of medical emergencies.

CaraCARE Benefit


The CaraSure CaraCARE Benefit can be reached via our 24/7 Call Centre on 0861 10 10 10.

    Both the Towing vehicle and the Caravan are covered for Roadside emergencies such as Flat tyres, Running out of fuel and Keys locked inside the vehicle (Not the Towing vehicle).
    Neighbouring countries include, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho and Eswantini (former;y Switziland). Should the Caravan be involved in an Accident, Mechanical or Electrical failure, the Caravan will be repatriated back to South Africa (Terms and Conditions apply).
    The CaraSure CaraCARE Call Centre now offers CaraSure policy holders an Emergency evacuation service.
    • Emergency Medical Response
    • Inter Hospital transfer
    • Medical repatriation
    • Escorted return of Minors
    • In-Hospital Medical monitoring
    • Compassionate visists