Over the past 17 years we have received many compliments from CaraSure and even non-CaraSure clients regarding our exemplary levels of service. When launching this website, we decided to have just a few for you to realise that you will be in good hands with the CaraSure Family.


Thank you very much for all the effort you have put into my claim. I really appreciate it, and the professionalism in which you have handled my claim. It is really a honour to be treated the way you have dealt with my claim...Thank You!!


What FANTASTIC service you have given me in processing my claim so quickly. I have read how ofen you have helped many caravaners so efficiently in the past. Now I get to experience it first hand as well. Brilliant!! My Bank account was credited a few minutes ago with the claimed amount. Fantastic!! Thank you. Please pass my thanks to the CaraSure Team.


Dit is die eerste keer in my lewe dat ek van versekering eis en nie weet wat om te verwag nie want mens hoor so baie riller stories, maar ek staan verstom oor die flinke diens van julle. Ek het in WegSleep forum gelees van julle diens en daarom ook dan my skuif destyds na julle en dit wat ek gelees het is alles waar. Baie, baie dankie!!


Thank you so much for your outstanding service and the professional way you have treated me as a customer. It is a privilege to be part of the CaraSure Family and will surely recommend your business to anybody who are looking for service excellence!!


We have been with CaraSure since 2009 and this is the first time we have had to claim. I just want to tell you it was such a pleasure dealing with you guys and thanks for the excellent service. I only faxed my claim this morning and already it has been approved - what excellent service!! Much appreciated and be sure I will make sure all the people at the Caravan Club of S.A. CCSA knows about the excellent service I received.


Nationale Voorsitter SAWA Jammer ek skryf nou eers die skrywe aan julle. In SAWA het ons geweldige besige tyd beleef. Ek wil egter die skrywe aan julle rig. As die noodlot jou tref en dinge gebeur met jou is ons as mens maar altyd bekommerd oor die uitkoms van so ‘n gebeurtlikheid. Ek wil graag vir CaraSure bedank vir die vinnige en professionele wyse waarop julle my eis hanteer het. Ek sal ook seker maak dat my ervaring onder SAWA lede genoem word. Sterkte in jul werksaamhede.


I would like to thank CaraSure for the excellent and friendly service with respect to my claim. You were always directly contractible and never failed to called back or reply to my queries with respect to my claim. I was surprised that you even took my calls when you were in a Management meeting with absolute courtesy and patience. CaraSure processed my claim within 3 days of the assessors report and within 2 working days the pay-out was in my Bank account. It is very re-assuring to know that this lifestyle of caravaning can be covered by such efficient and almost personalised service of insurance. I have recommended CaraSure to a colleague who has now also signed up with you for caravan cover and will unhesitatingly continue to recommend CaraSure to all we meet in our caravaning outings. CaraSure is a no hassle, no fuss, no gimmick insurance for caravaners.