December 2019 - Holiday Travel Alert

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Please take special care when traveling from Johannesburg towards the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.Take special care near Pietermaritzburg as the Road surface is badly damaged by large trucks. Avoid a short cut through Umbumbulu which is about 30km past Pietermaritzburg. Keep a safe distance, make sure you stop regularly and off course the good old wheel nuts. CHECK your wheel nuts regularly. Travel with Lights ON, even in the day.
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Advice At the Campsite


At the campsite

Advice | At the Campsite
At the campsite we sometimes use a small tent for storage of the boxes. It makes the campsite look much neater. Winds generally blow upslope by day and downslope by night. Position your caravan so that openings don't face a slope or significantly higher ground. Colder, dense air settles in low-lying areas. Try to choose a campsite situated on higher ground with some trees or other natural cover.
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